The Niggle Podcast: Episode 17 - The one with all the predictions

The Scoop

In this episode we are niggling between Christmas and New Year and to celebrate the dawn of 2017, we make our betting predictions for the year.

Some new year predictions

The introductions

This week we are niggling between Christmas and New Year. Equipment Editor James Savage, Club Golf Editor Steve Carroll and Deputy Editor Mark Townsend join Chairman Tom Irwin to discuss the goings on in the golf world.

Firstly, we begin this week by finding out what each of us got for Christmas. James got some Bluetooth headphones, Steve got store credit for
some new irons and Mark got some oven gloves to go with his new kitchen.

The predictions

We then move on to our main topic, who we think will win the upcoming majors. With just three and a half months until the masters, we attempt to
anticipate the winner.

What are your predictions for 2017? Let us know by getting in touch:

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