The Niggle Podcast 11: The one with the man love

Episode 11 (Eleven) whodathunkit?

As usual Steve Carroll and James Savage have deserted us leaving you with the dulcet tones of regular host Tom Irwin @tomirwingolf, Editor Dan Murphy @danmurphygolf and Deputy Editor Mark Townsend @marktownsendncg.

What do they discuss this time I her you demanding?

Well, I will tease you in by saying the quiz has reached new heights, Dan Murphy almost reveals all, and Mark Townsend is his usual conflicted self.

In amongst all that there is a mutual love in for the club pro, you will be reaching for the tissues I promise. We spend an awfully long time discussing the rights and wrongs of marking a scorecard. You didn’t know there was so much to it did you?

Well listen up and learn you lucky, lucky people.

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