The new Lynx Black Cat woods underline the UK brand’s commitment to offering quality, technology-packed clubs range at sensible, affordable prices.

And as we’ve come to expect from Lynx there’s bags of shelf appeal through a range of stylish colours and designs.

The new Black Cat driver (£239) and fairway wood include a removable and reversible weight bar which positions weight further forward, or further back.

Lynx Black Cat woods

With the High Weight (HW) setting closer to the clubface players will experience reduced spin with a lower, more penetrating ball flight.

Positioning the Low Weight (LW) setting closer to the clubface moves more weight to the rear of club, increasing spin for a higher launch.

The 460cc two-piece titanium driver can also be adjusted from 9 ̊to 12 ̊ and includes draw and fade bias settings.

The Black Cat fairway wood (£189) also benefits from what Lynx call their Spin Control System and is adjustable from 13 ̊ to 16 ̊.

Lynx Black Cat woods

The hybrids are available in 17 ̊ and 21 ̊while all woods can be selected in either blue, black or red colour options.

Lynx Black Cat woods

For more information visit the Lynx website HERE