Hannah Holden takes a closer look at the golf balls released to the market in 2020

New golf balls 2020: Honma

The Honma X4 is a four-piece urethane ball featuring the brand’s softest ever core. It’s all about giving you back loss yardage off the tee without sacrificing spin.

New golf balls

The ultra-soft core provides high compression off the club face, while the soft cover gives you that all important soft feel around the greens.

Finally the 326-dimple pattern maximises consistency when playing into the wind.

  • RRP: £43.95 per dozen

This Honma TW-X is designed for players with clubhead speeds topping 90mph, who ultimately are looking for more distance and a firmer feeling golf ball.

New golf balls
  • RRP: £26 per dozen

The Honma TW-S is aimed at golfers with swing speeds of around 85mph who like softer feel. It provides higher spin but with lower launch than the TW-X, perfect for windy conditions.

New golf balls

Its S-fast core results in faster ball speeds off the club face giving you that precious extra yardage.

  • RRP: £26 per dozen

The Honma A1 is a new two-piece ball aimed at golfers who fight a slice and would like to hit it straighter.

New golf balls

It is 20% softer than the D1 ball and has a lighter core and cover to reduce side spin helping you hit more consistent shots.

  • RRP: £15.95 per dozen

Visit the Honma website for more information.

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