Hannah Holden takes a closer look at the golf balls released to the market in 2020

New golf balls 2020: Srixon

If you hadn’t guessed it from the name, the big story with the Srixon Ultisoft is all about softness and feel.

New golf balls

It is the lowest compression golf ball Srixon offer and is designed to be longer – giving you great distance off the tee. This is done by transitioning from a soft centre to a firm outer edge.

  • RRP: £25 per dozen

After the A range and Z range then the next logical step is Srixon Q-Star, so here we are.

new golf balls

Srixon say a new fast-layer core offers a combination of distance and soft feel, while a new urethane coating increases spin and is paired with a new dimple pattern to provide a more penetrating ball flight. But you knew that.

Oh look, it also has a new side stamp. These must be  to help you line up all those birdie putts you’ll now be having thanks to the added distance.

  • RRP: £34.99 per dozen

Visit the Srixon website for more informaton.

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