Hannah Holden takes a closer look at the golf balls released to the market in 2020

New golf balls 2020: TaylorMade

Want a golf ball that performs like a tour ball but doesn’t cost anywhere near as much? You want the TaylorMade Tour Response.

new golf balls

The ultra-low compression core gives you a softer feel while maximising energy transfer at impact for, you guessed it, more distance. It is a 3-piece ball designed to deliver fast ball speeds by using a firm second layer over the softer core for an explosive transfer of energy.

I have been really impressed with these golf balls. I prefer a softer feeling ball so for me this hit the nail on the head. I didn’t feel I was losing anything to gain this feel with distance and ball flight control all being great.

  • RRP: £39.99 per dozen

Oh there’s more. Next up is the TaylorMade Soft Response golf ball was designed after a number of consumers told TaylorMade they wanted a softer feeling golf ball but didn’t want to give up any distance.

new golf balls

The Soft Response is an ultra-low compression golf ball gives you the super soft feel but still the performance benefits needed for moderate swing speed players. Combined with a soft ionomer cover for feel and durability.

The new shallower U-shape dimple helps the ball stay in the air longer by decreasing drag and increasing lift, all while keeping spin rates low.

  • RRP: £24.99 per dozen

TaylorMade Pix is back and this time Rickie Fowler is involved.

The original Pix golf ball was brought out early last year and the X-shaped images were designed to provide a visual indicator of the ball’s rotation. We saw Fowler put the ball in play a few times across the season as the shape and colours gave him something to focus on.

So what’s new? Well this time Rickie is involved so obviously it’s orange…

new golf balls

But seriously, Rickie really wanted to focus in on alignment. He always draws a line on his ball but felt the previous version of Pix made that impossible due to where the images were located, there was simply no free space.

By removing one of the two TaylorMade logos the sidestamp could be moved. This created a white channel around the centre of the ball where he can add his line.

This clear path channel doesn’t just help with alignment. A well struck putt that gets the ball rolling end over end will allow you to see continuous lines form from the orange clusters.

Straight away you will be able to great feedback on if you have started the ball on line and hit a quality putt. The twelve strategically placed multi-coloured graphics then frame this centre pathway

 “The Pix graphics give you a precise focal point to work with. When we started developing the new design, one of my first comments was if we didn’t have the full TaylorMade logo in two places, we would have space to create a path that works for alignment and feedback.”

Rickie Fowler

For the first time Pix are available in both the TP5 and TP5x model. The TP5 and TP5x feature the improved speed-layer system, four increasingly stiff layers which compress at impact, creating more ball speed.

I know what you’re thinking, that’s great but I could do with a few more yards. Well, the TP5 &TP5x feature a tri-fast core, (an extra-large, low-compression inner core combined with a stiffer outer core and mantle) which reduces drag and increases carry. No wonder Rory MCIlroy hits it so far…

  • RRP: £49.99 per dozen

Visit the TaylorMade website for more information.

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