THE new Z-Star range is an evolutionary advanced ball, designed to meet the needs of tour professionals and low handicappers around the world.

Already recognised for distance, the new range has improved spin control and feel, providing exceptional all-round performance. The surface has a new high-grip spin coating for extra control on approach shots.

Increasing the difference between a harder outside and softer inside core provides lower spin on long shots.

The new dimple pattern has reduced air resistance and an improved flight performance, with a strong trajectory into wind. 

Thanks to the enhanced Energetic Gradient Growth Core, driver shots launch higher but with less spin.

Finally, a proprietary 0.5mm super-soft Neo Urethane cover and a high-grip spin-skin coating
greatly improve feel and friction without reducing durability. 

Thanks to the Speed Dimple, the ball maintains high initial speed.

Both balls are designed with the low-handicapper and professional in mind. 

The three-piece Z-STAR offers increased spin control on approach shots compared to its predecessor. It feels slightly softer off the club.

The new Z-Star XV offers increased driver distance (2.5 yards, Srixon claim). It is a fourpiece ball. The extra layer comes in the form of a dual core. It feels slightly firmer off the blade. Both are available in white and yellow options.

"Increasing the difference between a harder outside and softer inside core provides lower spin on long shots" Z-STAR ON TOUR
The new Z-Stars are already in play on tour. Keegan Bradley and Miguel Angel Jimenez are playing Z-star, while the XV’s fans include Shane Lowry, Vijay Singh, Graeme McDowell and Thorbjorn Olesen.

“Better control around the green” – Vijay Singh

“Longer distance than the current model” – Ryo Ishikawa

“Easier to control with middle and short irons” – Graeme McDowell

“I especially like it better in the wind” – Keegan Bradley

New core
The new Z-Stars are harder outside and softer inside. Driver shots will launch higher but with lower spin, resulting in greater distance.

Speed dimple
Increased dimple coverage reduces the CD (Coefficient of Drag), enabling greater distance and a trajectory that will be strong and unyielding to the wind. Wedge shots create more spin for greater control.

Spin Skin
A softer cover coating creates more friction – without reducing durability.

We are looking for EIGHT low-handicap readers to test out the new Z-Star balls and report back
to us.

If you play off single figures (or below!) and would like to be sent a dozen balls to try then simply drop an email to to register your interest.

All we need to know at this stage is your name, handicap, home club, address and current preferred ball.