Who will be the surprise flop?

Dan Murphy: McIlroy. Sorry. I’m still to be convinced by him at Augusta – but I hope I’m wrong.

Mark Townsend: Dustin Johnson, despite what he told us. For whatever reason I can’t see him winning here which will no doubt bite me on the arse come Sunday night.

Alex Perry: Jordan Spieth’s Augusta record reads T2-1-T2-T11. That ridiculous run has to end at some point, surely?

Steve Carroll: Would it really be a surprise if Spieth flopped? Yes, in the sense that he’s got such a great record at Augusta. For the Texan to feature strongly this time, though, he will need to do some significant work on his shorter range putting.

James Savage: I think JT’s hot streak is over.

James Broadhurst: Rickie Fowler’s form has been up and down so far this season and I could see him struggling to make the cut.

Matthew Beedle: Fowler is never going to get it done at the majors, is he?

Craig Middleton: Adam Scott has had five top 10s at Augusta, including a win, but I can’t help thinking his troubles with the flat stick will result in a missed cut this year.

What are you most looking forward to?

Tiger Woods

Steve Carroll: Clearly it will be watching Tiger once again traversing those famous fairways. I’m not sure any of us expected that to happen again at various points over the last 18 months. It will be great to see the four-time winner challenging once again.

Mark Townsend: Tiger. If you say otherwise then you’re probably lying a bit. Whatever you think of Woods then you should be fairly intrigued by what he does

James Broadhurst: I would be lying if I said anything other than watching Tiger.

Alex Perry: Tiger – until he shoots 78 on Thursday, then I’m all about Rory.

Dan Murphy: Two generations colliding as Tiger and Phil roll back the years to confront DJ, Rory, Jordan and co.

Matthew Beedle: The opening tee shots. The signal that we’re finally underway and the moment you realise you won’t be moving from in front of the TV for the next four days.

James Savage: Butch Harmon’s outfits.

Craig Middleton: Getting really excited to sit down and watch live golf only to be let down by countless ad breaks and constant drivel from the commentary team about how far players hit the ball.

What will happen?

Alex Perry: I’ll watch that Tiger chip at 16 at least 30 times a day in Masters week.

Craig Middleton: Tiger will be within four shots of the lead on Sunday.

James Broadhurst: Tiger will miss the cut.

Dan Murphy: At least half of the top 10 will be aged over 35.

Mark Townsend: Hopefully at some point in the week a few people will have to eat their words about Spieth’s putting.

Steve Carroll: We’ll hear a billion references to ‘patrons’ on the commentary. It’s the only week of the year spectators aren’t called fans.

James Savage: Paul Casey’s post-round interviews will make you feel queasy.

Matthew Beedle: Spieth will go in the water at 12 and we’ll be forced to watch multiple montages of his water balls from the last four years.

What won’t happen? 

greens in regulation

Alex Perry: Me getting bored of watching that Tiger chip at 16 at least 30 times a day.

Dan Murphy: A Phil and Tiger showdown. Over the years they have very rarely played well at the same majors. Why would they start now?

James Savage: Sadly, I don’t think Tiger will be up there on Sunday. The pressure of a major will weigh him down.

Matthew Beedle: The dream finish of Tiger vs. DJ vs. Rory vs. Spieth going down the stretch – though I hope I’m wrong.

James Broadhurst: We won’t see any play-off drama this year. JT will win by a couple of shots.

Mark Townsend: We won’t get an interesting pin position on 16 on Sunday and people won’t assume that we all now know that Augusta National is hillier than we first thought.

Steve Carroll: A player celebrating their win by diving head first straight into Rae’s Creek.

Craig Middleton: I’ll be in profit at the end of four days of betting.

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