The hardest part of making a list like England's Top 100 courses is considering the courses that narrowly miss out. Our panel reveal where they think should definitely have made the cut

There’s always debate whenever a new rankings list emerges – and it starts among the panellists! Here are those some of our experts felt should have been included in the final countdown of NCG’s top 100 golf courses in England…


I have a real soft spot for Appleby, very few courses offer a site where golf is so much fun. – John Mcloughlin

If you like fun and quirky, and I absolutely do, this will rock your world. – Steve Carroll 

Tadmarton Heath, Appleby and Painswick

All just exceptionally fun golf courses: round in three hours, loads of birdies, great turf. Bring it on. – Tom Irwin 

Reigate Heath

It’s a lovely little course and I like the idea of a shared common land for golf and other uses. – Sean Arble

Coombe Hill

We were surprised not to see Coombe Hill in. – Ed Battye & Niall Flanagan

Coxmoor, Hallamshire and North Hants

Three that jumped out are Hallamshire, Coxmoor and North Hants. – Steve Watton 

Close House and Bearwood Lakes

It’s a toss-up between Close House and Bearwood Lakes, both of which are worthy of Top 100 status.  – Neil Gray 


It’s very tricky with an England list. There are so many contenders. The romantic in me says Painswick demands a place. I understand its – relative – shortcomings but I prefer to dwell on its sheer exuberance. – Dan Murphy

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