NCG TESTS: Titleist Pro V1x ball

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NCG's test team review all the latest kit independently. Find out what they thought of the Titleist Pro V1x ball...


“Still sets the standards by which every other ball is judged. I personally prefer the feel of the this to the standard Pro V1. It’s firmer and feels more stable on long shots. This is a ball you feel you can trust.” DM
“Consistent, reliable and top performing. Hard to say anything bad about this – there’s a reason why so many professionals the world over choose to use it.” RR
“Seriously soft around the greens – it checks up as well as anything as far as I’m concerned. Flies quite high.” JW


TESTED: May 2012
TESTERS: Ryan Rastall (pro), Dan Murphy (4hcp), Joe Whitley (7hcp)
SRP: £50 for 12 

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