NCG Tests: Ping G25 Irons

Golf Equipment

Our experts test the latest irons from Ping

SRP: £80 per club steel, £100 graphite

Testers’ comments

DM: I think these are different class aesthetically to the G20 irons. Even the wedge is pleasingly compact and consistent. They will appeal to a very wide market – more so than their predecessors. They remind me of Eye2s in that respect – clearly game-improvement irons but also appealing to the better player. Crucially, you feel you can control the flight. Other irons were longer but the dispersion on these seemed tighter.

SC: I like the look of these – lovely looking irons. They remind me of the G5s for looks, which I loved.

JW: It’s a huge improvement on the G20s in all areas for me. I wouldn’t say these were the longest but they were the most consistent. I think Ping are going to sell a lot of these – you can’t go wrong with a set of G25s.

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