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These days you can look good and still stay dry.

SRP: £149


DM: This is a big, sturdy flamboyant shoe (at least in the two-tone patent style we tried) – much like the man who inspired the collection, the 2011 Open champion Darren Clarke. I like the style. But there’s no getting away from the fact they will take some wearing in.


MT: These reminded me of my youth, when two-tone, patent brogues were the ultimate golf shoe you could wear. I’d need to break these in gently as the tongue and upper both started rubbing immediately. Worth bearing with though.


SRP: £120


DM: I’m not sure that anybody would wear these for style – but they are incredibly effective if you’re playing in wet, muddy conditions. And if so, then you’ll have your waterproof bottoms on and you’ll be more bothered about the comfort and stability they undoubtedly provide. Once you’ve got them on – which takes a little while the first time – you feel like you can cope with any eventuality.


MT: I’m not sure what my regular playing partners would say but I love the way they wrap around your feet and, better still, how easily they wiped clean afterwards. Your feet are not getting wet in these – simple.


SRP: £119.99


DM: This one of the more sober shoes we tested – which is far from a bad thing in an all yearround shoe as far as I’m concerned. Maybe it was just my feet but I would say the sizing is on the small side – I definitely needed to go up a size.


MT: It promises out-of-the-box comfort and what you get is certainly a soft, yielding shoe. Like Dan, I’d maybe go half a size up. I liked the understated looks once I got the shoes on.


SRP: £195


MT: I was a fan of these from the moment I first wore them, I love the way they improve your posture over the ball and the feeling they provide of locking you into the shot. They seem to be absolutely ideal for winter golf as you just feel like you’re never going to lose your balance – even in mud and on wet slopes.


DM: I agree with Mark – the XPS-1s are made for winter golf. You could be standing on the greasiest winter mat and still be confident of your footing. Personally, I prefer a slightly lighter shoe that it feels easier to swing freely in but equally I’d say these can’t be beat for stability.

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