In the final episode of our podcasts looking at the World Handicap System, we explain what will happen when you turn up at the club for a round

It’s finally here. After what has seemed like several years of build up, the World Handicap System has arrived and we can take to the course and play under the new global order.

It’s the biggest shake up in amateur golf in decades and if there are still elements that you’re confused about then we are hear to help.

If you haven’t already, click on to our dedicated WHS page where you can find detailed explanations of everything from how your handicap might move under the new system to what you need to think about in competitions.

But if you’re a bit short of time and just want to get your head around a few of the key concepts then we have also got you covered.

We’ve teamed up with Scottish Golf to produce a series of short 10-minute podcasts going into more depth about some of the new system’s key concepts.

In the final episode, I’m once again joined by David Kernohan, the governing body’s head of handicapping and course rating, to talk about how everything you’ve heard and read about the World Handicap System will actually translate into a day on the golf course.

So click on the link as we take you on a journey from car park to clubhouse…

Listen to the NCG Podcast with David Kernohan, Scottish Golf’s head of handicapping and course rating:

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Need more information on the World Handicap System?

Visit our dedicated WHS page where you will find everything you need to know and details of how to contact us if you have any more questions.

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