Best golf clubs 2018: Wedges

1. Vokey SM7

Best golf clubs 2018

Another easy one. I think any golfer can get fitted into a set of Vokey wedges which will work for them.

I’m not saying everyone is going to get a good wedge fitting which is a shame but to get a set which gives you the right clubs for around the greens is crucial.

My 58˚ K-grind wedge is one of the most reliable in my bag.

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2. Cleveland RTX-4

Best golf clubs 2018

I was a massive fan of the RTX-3 and their replacements have taken things up a level. Available in three smart finishes with great fitting and shaft options.

I’d be more than happy to use these full-time.

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3. Mizuno S-18

best golf clubs 2018

Another surprise package from Mizuno. They clearly don’t just make very good irons.

These have a really nice, confidence-inspiring look at address – they are loaded with style. But it’s the sound and feel which makes them so enjoyable to use.

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