Best golf clubs 2018: Utility irons

1. TaylorMade P790 UDI

Best golf clubs 2018

Now this club really isn’t everyone’s cup of tea as it only comes in a 17˚ option.

But for someone who struggles to keep the ball low, it was a really good club for me – particularly during the dry summer. Alright, I only used it off the tee but it was a fantastic back up to driver for me and gave me more pleasure than any other club when I stuck it out of the middle.

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2. Srixon Z85

Best golf clubs 2018

Srixon have been making some fantastic utility irons over the past few years, and their latest model is very much in keeping with that theme.

Superb looks and feel with very impressive numbers.

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3. TaylorMade GAPR Lo

Best golf clubs 2018

I did like TaylorMade’s thinking behind the GAPR range as nearly every golfer I know struggles to get the right gapping at the top end of their bag.

The Lo was the best one for me as it gave me the nice penetrating ball flight I was looking for. There are some big fans of the Mid and Hi among my peers too.

Not massively sold on the looks but the performance can’t be faulted.

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