NCG 2014 Driver Test - Nike Covert 2.0 Performance/Tour

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“Hit one then make up your mind”


SRP: £249.99/329.99 Loft: 8.5- 12.5
Stock shafts: MRC Kuro Kage 2.0 Black HBP 50/MRC Kuro Kage 2.0 Silver TiNi 60 
Adjustable? Yes

Player comments 

PC –  Near the top for me. I like the look of the Performance, if not the colour. I hit it well – it went nicely. 

DM – These are proper drivers. I was surprised to find that the Performance head both worked better for me and that I preferred the look of it at address. I’d say that lower handicappers like me have a genuine choice to make between the two heads, which both look great.

JW – I prefer the Tour head because it looks a little more compact. It was the longest for me on the day and the flight is great. 

Hot: Forget the strong visuals – these drivers are genuine feats of engineering. 

Not: Some will be put off by the bling.

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