Quest to Single Figures: Fixing the faults

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Early signs of improvement and a new challenger in the race to single figures..

It’s been an interesting couple of weeks. I have had another two lessons to fix a couple of faults that needed addressing.

First off I think it’s important to give you an update on how I’m getting on and where my game is currently. After two weeks of lessons and practice I can already see a notable improvement in my game, especially off the tee.

I went back down to the Shack to see the pro for a couple of things, the first being my driving off the tee.

I’d noticed that on a few occasions I would sky the ball when trying to get a bit more speed in the downswing. You can watch my lesson here;


This was such a great lesson. Not only did I stop skying the ball, but I was gaining distance too.

I thought I’d try the new technique out on the course so we (me and Sav) went for nine holes. I also needed to start getting some cards signed to get my official handicap.

I shot a very respectable 42. The stats were as follows;

  • 17 putts
  • 4/9 G.I.R
  • 3/7 fairways

Despite hitting only 3 fairways my driving felt really solid, and I only made one bad swing which was on a hole where I made a double.

Most of the drives that missed the fairway were just in the semi rough so that wasn’t really a concern.

My chipping and putting was pretty solid too and is a part of my game that doesn’t let me down anywhere near as much as my iron play does.

What was a concern was the fact that I was catching some of my iron shots a bit fat. It didn’t happen too often but I thought it was a good opportunity to go back down to the shack and fix the fault;


Another great lesson with a couple of drills for me to practice down at the range.

Sunday brought an opportunity for another round to put these lessons to the test and see if I was improving. In all honesty, it was a tough 18 holes.

A decent front nine of 43 which included a run of five holes where I was 1-under par was then obliterated by a back nine of 47.

A new challenger

But what I would say is that I’m a lot more confident with the driver than I was a couple of weeks back. This journey to single figures isn’t going to be easy but the introduction of an added incentive has really got me quite excited.

Let me introduce you to our Staff writer Steve Carroll. I’m sure you’ll know him from his ‘My Week In Golf’ blogs and numerous articles he produces for the website and magazine.

Steve plays a lot of golf, and has done for many years, playing off 12 Steve is not too far off the single figure handicap milestone. So we had an idea…

‘The race to single figures’. Myself and Steve will be battling over the coming months to see who can (if anyone) get to single figures first.

Before that starts though I’ll need to get my official handicap. I’m just one card away now so that should be sorted pretty soon but early signs suggest I may be starting my journey off about 16.

So the next steps are pretty straightforward really…plenty of golf. My next lesson won’t be for a few weeks but I’ll be keeping you updated with how my golf is going and hopefully the next time you hear from me I will have an official handicap.

Then myself and Steve can really get the battle started.

Happy golfing!

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