We’ve all been there on the golf course, going down a steep hill desperately trying to stop your trolley running away from you.

So in a bid to make life easier and spare embarrassment, Motocaddy have launched an advanced version of its hugely popular S1 model featuring downhill speed control.

The brand have also added a new electronic parking brake meaning you can leave the trolley on any kind of slope without worrying that it is going to have rolled 50 yards down a hill when you return from hitting your shot.

The new S1 DHC electric trolley incorporates the same features as the latest 2016 S1 model, but can maintain a constant speed while moving down a gradient – thanks to a special single motor that offers downhill braking.

Trolley - S1 Motocaddy

The motor automatically adjusts its power output to control the rate of descent without the golfer having to make any adjustment to the pre-hill speed setting.

The new electronic parking brake, which Motocaddy say is the first of its kind in the UK, will hold its position even on the steepest of slopes thanks to a state-of-the-art braking system.

As well as the obvious advantage of greater control on undulating golf courses, the latest Motocaddy S-Series trolley is significantly lighter in weight than previous dual-motored models boasting similar functionality for demanding terrain.

“A growing number of customers were asking us for a downhill control model,” said Neil Parker, sales director.

“It’s proved itself in markets where golf course gradients are often more severe and we believe demand here will be significant.”

The S1 DHC trolley is available with Lithium battery only at a RRP of £499.99, or £549.99 for the Extended Lithium version.

For more information on all Motocaddy trolleys, bags, batteries and accessories, visit motocaddy.com.