Motocaddy have revealed the details of their much-anticipated Performance Plan. Hannah Holden takes you through it

We brought you the news back in March about how Motocaddy GPS technology was being taken to the next level with cellular capabilities, including a built-in SIM card – like you would find in your mobile phone – to bring you real-time course mapping, updates, and performance tracking data.

Now we have more information on the Motocaddy Performance Plan, and just how much it will cost.

Let’s dive in…

Motocaddy GPS Performance Plan

The Motocaddy Performance Plan is an upgrade to the existing GPS technology in the M5 GPS, M5 GPS DHC and M-Tech GPS electric trolleys. This subscription plan allows you to unlock a number of new features on your trolley handle.

For all 40,000 golf courses available you will get a full map of each hole as well as the close up green view. As the handles are touchscreen, you also have the ability to click and get distances to any part of the hole. If you know the pin positions you can also move these to the relevant position on the green.

Motocaddy GPS

You will no longer have to worry about grabbing your laser or GPS, as the data is right in front of you on your trolley handle on every shot.

If you download the up-to-date Motocaddy app you can track your score and key statistics to help you improve your game.

The fitted cellular SIM means you can get real-time course updates. This gives you the most up to date mappings and notifications of software updates. You can download these on-the-go wherever you are.

The new Motocaddy Performance Plan will be available initially via a six month free trial – or 12 months with the M-Tech GPS – allowing users to test out the features before buying.

“We’d encourage all golfers around the world who own a compatible Motocaddy GPS trolley to register for the free trial and take advantage of the cutting-edge feature upgrades” said the brand’s marketing director Oliver Churcher. 

“The Performance Plan has been years in the making and it shows the extent to which Motocaddy is pushing the boundaries of what an electric trolley can do. We believe the performance plan provides the tools for every player to play better golf and enjoy their game more.”

The free trial will be activated when you install the latest software update onto your trolley. After the trial period, users will be given the option to proceed with an annual subscription plan at the cost of £49.99 per year, or revert to the ‘standard’ functionality offered on the trolleys.

For more information head to the Motocaddy website.

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Hannah Holden

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