Mother’s Day Golf Gifts: Lady Golfer subscription

Mother's Day Golf Gifts

Lady Golfer is the UK’s highest circulation ABC audited print ladies golf title, available for free in all club houses across the UK and via subscription.

We cover all aspects of the game: golf equipment, golf course reviews, tour news, golf travel, golf fashion, and of course the much-needed golf instruction.

Price: £21 for 6 issues (March-August)

Subscription Direct Debit Disclaimer: All subscription direct debits will renew after 12 months at non-discounted rate unless cancelled or notified in specific offer, these are £20 for National Club Golfer and £10 Lady Golfer

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Mother’s Day Golf Gifts: NCG Top 100s subscription

The NCG Top 100s magazine is the home of golf course rankings.

Over the next year we will be publishing:

Autumn 2019: GB&I’s Top 100 Courses
Autumn 2019: Continental Europe’s Top 100 Courses
Spring 2020: GB&I’s Top 100 Fun Courses
Summer 2020: England’s Top 100 Courses
Autumn 2020: Scotland’s Top 100 Courses
Winter 2020: Continental Europe’s Top 100 Resort Courses

Order and receive:

  • Six magazines over a year
  • 12 months subscription

Price: £20 for 12 months

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Mother’sDay Golf Gifts: NCG Top 100s Tour

Why not enter your loved one into one of our Top 100s Tour events where we have 22 events across the best golf courses in Great Britain and you can win great prizes from TaylorMade as well as a trip to the 2021 Players Championship.

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Mother’s Day Golf Gifts: The Lost Art of Playing Golf

Does the swing create the shot or does the shot create the swing?

With The Lost Art of Playing Golf, Gary Nicol and Karl Morris have once again written an absolute gem to help you on your journey to becoming the best possible version of you as a golfer. Clarity not clutter.

Price: £19.95

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Mother’s Day Golf Gifts: The Lost Art of Putting

Does the stroke create the putt or does the putt create the stroke?

To be child-like is to have a simple fascination in getting the ball into the hole and to love the task of doing so.

To be childish is to expect a certain outcome will come your way, that you deserve to hole the putt or that you shouldn’t miss from a certain distance.

The Lost Art of Putting will help you become more child-like on the greens and less childish.

The perspective and concepts they share with you in this book have the potential to liberate you so that you can experience what you are truly capable of on the greens.

Price: £19.95

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