Game-tracking, like that offered by Mobitee, has got more and more popular among golfers as the technology gets better and clubs become more relaxed about mobile phones.

I was a bit slow to get into it as feared the set-up would take too long and the actual process of using a game-tracking device would distract me and have a negative impact on my game.

However, after trying a few out, the opposite was true.

Next up on the testing agenda was the Mobitee GPS Golf Assistant from PIQ which offers distances to the pin, auto shot-tracking and can even give you an analysis of your swing. Sounds awesome right?

How do you set up the Mobitee GPS Golf Assistant?

Mobitee and PIQ GPS

A small device attaches easily to the velcro strap on your glove and tags are then added to the butt of the grip of each club in your bag.

Everything is synced together using a free mobile app.

I was surprised at how easy this was to set up and it is helped by the fact each tag is already designated to a specific club.

So once you have popped the tags on the clubs, downloaded the app and paired it with the device on your glove, you are good to go.

Mobitee and PIQ GPS

How does the Mobitee GPS Golf Assistant work on the golf course?

Once at the golf course simply tell the app that you are about to play golf and it will detect which course you are playing.

Before each shot, tap the tag on the club on to the device attached to your glove and repeat the process for each shot.

Mobitee and PIQ GPS

You can use the app to see flyover views of each hole and get the distances you have hit the shot and what you have left to the flag.

What’s really cool is you can also get the distance to the middle of the green from the PIQ device on your glove.

Mobitee and PIQ GPS

This is really handy as it takes away the need to get your phone out too often.

The tapping element may be seen as the most frustrating element but after a while, it become part of your pre-shot routine.

And when you know that every shot is being tracked it makes you focus that little bit more and can put you into a better mind-set for attempting to shoot a decent score.

What happens with the data gathered from the Mobitee GPS Golf Assistant?

An array of data is then gathered about your longest drives, distance you hit each club, putts per round and stored in your profile on the app.

It’s a great way of monitoring your game to highlight strengths and weaknesses. Perhaps not the most sociable of devices as it’s very personal data being gathered but there are online communities where the data can be shared.

I’m often out testing gear on the course by myself so if anyone else plays the odd solo round then I’d recommended this device to add a bit more purpose to your play.

There is also information available about the lifestyle benefits which is always good to know – especially if your golf has been terrible like mine often is.

Overall verdict on the Mobitee GPS Golf Assistant

In conclusion, this is a really cool piece of kit that can add enjoyment to your rounds of golf as well as helping you to improve.

The swing analysis feature certainly adds another string to the bow of this product.

My advice to the serious golfer who may be unsure, is to give the Mobitee GPS Golf assistant by PIQ a go. Definitely put one on your birthday or Christmas list.

For more information visit the Mobitee website HERE and the PIQ website HERE