FIRST HIT: Mizuno's new players' wedge

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We think Mizuno's newest wedge - the beautifully-shaped MP R-12 - is one of the best-looking wedges ever made. What do you think?

Right now is a great time to be looking for a new set of wedges.

Titleist have brought out a new line of Vokeys, Cleveland have relaunched their famous 588s and Roger Cleveland has crafted a new model for Callaway.

And then you have this – Mizuno’s new better player wedge, the MP R-12, which more than holds its own against this stiff competition.

The club sits alongside Mizuno’s other players’ wedge – the T-11 – but differs in shape. The R stands for ‘round’ (the T in T-11 is ‘teardrop’), which some would expect to be a less attractive shape.

That couldn’t be further from the truth. What Mizuno have crafted is one of the finest looking wedges they have ever made.
Overall it is hard to find fault. Seriously good and without doubt the best-looking wedge Mizuno have made. At address, every loft oozes class. The strong lofts are really inviting to hit full shots with as they closely resemble bladed short irons.

The higher lofts are a delight, too. The 64˚ model in particular is a revelation – we were blown away by how flush it sat when the face was open, even on tight lies.

Sliding the club underneath the ball is effortless. This is thanks to the clever loft-specific sole design.

In terms of feel, you know what you’re getting with Mizuno.

Their forging process produces the solid, soft and responsive feel you expect from the brand’s irons and it is heavenly when you find the middle.

As far as spin goes, you get more than enough thanks to the way the grooves change shape and depth as the lofts weaken. Overall, it’s hard to find fault.

Seriously good.


Tested by Joe Whitley (9hcp) and Dan Murphy (3hcp)
Lofts: 50, 52, 54, 56, 58, 60 & 64˚
Standard shaft: Dynamic Gold
Standard grip: Golf Pride M-21
LH? Yes
SRP: £115

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