Mizuno have added the JPX-S to their 2017 ball line-up which they believe will offer a more balanced performance for players who don’t posses tour-level swing speeds.

The Japanese brand are still fairly new to the ball market having released the MP-S and MP-X models a couple of years ago followed by the introduction of the JPX and high-tech JPX Platinum 5-piece models.

Mizuno say JPX-S has a softer core allowing their engineers to enhance the feel of the JPX-S at impact and also deliver increased initial ball speed for the majority of golfers.

Those with slower swing speeds may struggle to get the benefits out of a firmer, higher compression ball.

But club golfers with moderate swing speeds could find performance benefits from using a ball like the JPX-S.

The aerodynamics of the new ball have been improved too with an an enhanced version of their unique dimple-cluster design, helping to create more air-time and convert that increased ball speed into extra yards.

We recommend spending time with your PGA pro to find a ball that works best for you.

There’s no right or wrong when it comes choosing your ball as every player may look for something different.

For example, feel and spin around the greens may the most important thing for one golfer with distance off the tee more vital to another.

Maybe price is the key consideration?

What seems to clear to us is that Mizuno now have a range of balls with something to suit all levels of player.

And at £35 per dozen, the new JPX-S may tempt those not willing to pay top whack for their golf balls.


SRP: £35 per dozen

For more information visit the Mizuno website.