Mizuno JPX919 vs. MP-18: The results

So I’ve gathered some data on both irons after hitting a load of shots on the SkyTrak launch monitor.

And the results are very interesting.

Interesting in the fact there’s very little between them when it comes to the performance.

Mizuno JPX919 vs. MP-18

Maybe a touch more ball speed with the JPX919 but launch, spin, carry and total are all very similar.

Mizuno JPX919 vs. MP-18

My normal carry distance with a 7-iron would be 155 yards but we’ve got traditional lofts of 34˚ on each of these models.

So 7-irons in the JPX919 Tour and MP-18 SC are basically 8-irons when compared the the model of iron I would normally use.

That’s primarily why we see a carry of 145 and not 155.

Mizuno JPX919 vs. MP-18: NCG verdict

So, seeing as the performance of these irons are pretty much exactly the same – I wouldn’t say one is easier to use or more forgiving than the other – it’s all about looks.

It really comes back to the original question – are you a JPX or an MP player?

Mizuno JPX919 vs. MP-18

Are you all about the classic blade or are you a bit more ‘edgy’ and modern?

Mizuno JPX919 vs. MP-18

And that’s a question that only you yourself can answer.

Which model would I be leaning towards – if I was good enough to hit them consistently?

From a looks point of view, I’d be very much leaning towards the JPX919 Tour because, despite being in my mid 30s, I’m still down with the kids.

But after hitting both, I just seemed to enjoy using the MP-18 that little bit more – the look, sound and feel of them is simply sensational.

They’d excite me every time I went to play or practice with them.

So despite being young, athletic and aggressive just like Koepka, I’d be more than happy to settle in for a Netflix and chill night with the MP-18.

Mizuno JPX919 vs. MP-18 details


JPX919 Tour: £135 per iron
Available: 3-PW,  right hand only.

MP-18 SC: £135 per iron
Available: 3-PW, left and right hand

More information can be found on the Mizuno website.