Mizuno JPX919 irons review: The results

This was always going to be an interesting test for me as I was custom-fitted into the JPX900 Hot Metal a couple of years ago.

Mizuno JPX919 irons review

As you can see from the launch monitor numbers the Hot Metal does offer that added ball speed and distance.

Mizuno JPX919 irons review

That’s something I definitely want in my mid and longer irons but I’d like a bit more precision and workability in the shorter irons.

Mizuno JPX919 irons review

The Forged and the Tour were not that difficult to hit in the 7-iron so I’d be thinking about a split set with the Forged or the Tour in PW, 9, 8, maybe 7 and then the Hot Metal in the 6, 5 and 4.

The look and feel of the JPX919 Tour is just sensational but I can’t quite get the launch and the numbers I.m looking for when it comes to the longer irons.

Mizuno JPX919 irons review

If I was going to go for a set of just one model it would definitely be the JPX919 Forged as it offers the best of both worlds.

However, considering the lofts on the JPX919 Tour are considerably weaker, the numbers were still pretty good.

So maybe I could use the Tour but with cranked lofts? I’ll keep telling myself that I can until I go through the proper custom-fitting process with Mizuno soon.

Mizuno JPX919 irons review: NCG verdict

I think it’s going to be quite hard to keep these irons out of my bag because they look, feel and perform so well.

They will make people look forward to playing golf.

Mizuno JPX919 irons review

Have they massively improved on the JPX900? I’m not sure the use of the word massive is correct but they have definitely improved what was a tremendous product.

I really hope that PGA pros and expert fitters help golfers get fitted into combo sets of these irons because they do blend together very nicely.

When you are forking out all that money for a set of irons I think it’s only right that you have an individual fitting for every iron in the set.

Hopefully they days of just hitting a 7-iron and then being told to buy a full set is a thing of the past.

All golfers, regardless of their handicap, should give all three models a try before making their decision.

If only to find out how the three models perform differently from each other.

Anyway, I can’t wait to go and see a Mizuno fitter to see what my perfect set of JPX919 irons looks like.

Mizuno JPX919 irons details


JPX919 Tour: £135 per iron
JPX919 Forged: £135 per iron
JPX919 Hot Metal: £120 per iron

More information can be found on the Mizuno website.