Mizuno JPX919 irons fitting: The results

The Swing DNA recommended the AMT Tour White R300 and the Project X 6.0 LZ as the top two options.

Head-wise, we started with the JPX919 Forged which sits in the middle of the range.

The AMT shaft was producing the most consistent numbers but I did feel like the head was lagging behind me a little bit.

Mizuno JPX919 irons fitting

We switched into the S300 and found the results to be very similar. But I was much more confident with it.

I knew I wasn’t swinging it my best following a four-hour drive. That was my excuse anyway.

I was really liking the sound and feel of the JPX919 Forged but we tried the Hot Metal to see if if could anything extra.

We did see a jump up in carry on occasions but there was quite a big gap between the longest and shortest shots.

Mizuno JPX919 irons fitting

The JPX919 Forged were all carrying around 150 yards. The Hot Metal would carry around 150 but then jump to over 160 when I middled it.

Overall, we felt the JPX919 Forged were offering me consistency with a lovely crisp sound and feel.

We contemplated the Hot Metal in the long irons but felt there was enough forgiveness in the Forged.

So ended up with the Forged from 5-PW.

Mizuno JPX919 irons fitting: NCG verdict

I came away from the fitting happy with the results. If I was a paying customer, that is the least I would expect.

There’s nothing worse than coming away from a fitting feeling like you maybe haven’t reached the right result.

Mizuno JPX919 irons fitting

The Swing DNA helps here because it adds a bit of science to the shaft selection rather than a fitter just looking at what you currently use.

Or worse, basing it on what your handicap is.

I want to be fitted into shafts that will work for me when I’m swinging it as well as I know I can.

Mizuno JPX919 irons fitting

But also be fitted into a head that is going to offer me a bit of relief when I’m not finding the middle.

So I came away feeling like I had got the best of both worlds.

Mizuno JPx919 irons details


JPX919 Tour: £135 per iron
JPX919 Forged: £135 per iron
JPX919 Hot Metal: £120 per iron

More information can be found on the Mizuno website.

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