The final day of August was a momentous day in the history of Sports Publications as the Editorial Team took on the Commercial Team in the first ever ‘Brenda Bowl’, a classic matchplay event over 36 holes at Ganton Golf Club, North Yorkshire.

The morning saw the teams do battle in a modified greensomes, where four pairs of journalists ably captained by Deputy Editor Mark Townsend took on the best of Tom Lenton’s sales team. Each pair drove off and played alternate shots thereafter, the only stipulation being that 3 drives of each player had to be used over the 18 holes.

Steve Carroll & Nicola Hewson led the way with a 4&3 victory for Editorial, which was quickly followed by a 3&2 victory for Craig Middleton and James Savage, a half for Townsend and Joe Urquhart meaning that the Editorial team took a 2.5 to 1.5 lead into half time.

Singles seemed to offer the more experienced (better) commercial team an advantage, but this was not so as the series was drawn 4-4 with Murphy, Hewson, Urquhart, and Middleton taking the spoils for the Editorial team.

The celebrations/commiserations took place at the Revelstoke in Bridlington, where Middleton continued his good form of the day, with a more than successful evening in the Karaoke stage.