The popularity of golf betting has grown in recent years, with more bookmakers providing a larger number of markets to bet on. This is something that can be said for a lot of other sports such as tennis, cricket, Formula 1, boxing, rugby, snooker and American football, but with an eye firmly set on golf, it’s worth looking into the markets available in the sport before getting involved.

For anyone getting adjusted to betting on a new sport, the traditional markets and selections can be hard to understand at a first glance. Golf has its obstacles if you’re not aware of how betting on it or the sport itself works, but you can only get past any uncertainty by doing your own research and having a go yourself. If you want any further pointers on golf, TeamFA provide previews that are packed full of their own golf betting tips, all backed up by the strongest bookmaker odds.

Outright Tournament Winner

With markets made available prior to tournaments taking place, the ability to back the outright winner will always play a major part in golf betting. The price for each professional golfer is offered by the bookmaker depending on recent form and past wins in similar competitions, with more selections being made available as a larger number of players are entered into the competition.

As it’s so important to a lot of golf punters, bookmakers will tend to offer enhanced prices for betting on the outright tournament winner in competitions such as The Masters, The US Open, The PGA Championship, The Ryder Cup and The French Open, and more opportunities to bet on golf are made available depending on the demand of the customers.

Runners-Up Markets

If the bookies rate the winners of golf competitions so highly, it’s no surprise to see them also offering out markets on other players who come close. You can predict who will finish in the top five of the tournament, which offers more flexibility over backing a single player ahead of all others. There’s also markets for backing a straight forecast, so you can judge the finishing position of the top three.

More experienced punters who regularly produce their own golf betting tips find far more value from these alternative markets. Getting behind selections which consist of a few outcomes takes some doing but it’s certainly worthwhile, as the odds are far stronger when you’re predicting for more to happen.

Winning Nationality

While there are several different more novelty markets to get behind in golf, one of the most consistent is the Winning Nationality, which has punters able to back the winning positions by nationality, even if they can’t accurately identify them by name. This is a favourable market due to its flexibility, so if you check out sites with their own golf tips like TeamFA, you’ll more than likely see their own predictions for Winning Nationality.