As the coronavirus pandemic goes on, so do the feel-good stories involving the golf community

If you’re on social media it will of been hard for you to miss all the appreciation posts for the frontline NHS staff as coronavirus pandemic continues, and every little helps when it comes to supporting those who are putting their own health at risk day in day out.  And as someone who has family members that work for the NHS, I was particularly touched by this story from Lynx Golf.

“For three months, Lynx Golf is starting an initiative to thank the heroic workers of the NHS who have been selflessly risking their own health and lives to save those affected by coronavirus,” owner Stephanie Zinser explains. 

“From April 1 we are giving 20 per cent of the value of every online order over £50 to a fund for the support of NHS staff.

“We will gather the funds and source a worthy arm or sector of the NHS to give these funds to. It may be a benevolent fund for bereaved families of NHS workers, or another underfunded arm of the NHS, but our primary aim is to help those who are so generously and selflessly helping us all.”

“We all recognise the destruction that Covid-19 is having. We have seen unprecedented loss of loved ones, jobs, earnings, livelihoods. We also realise that among all the chaos, there are those who remain steadfast in their resolve and determination to see as many of us survive this global catastrophe as possible, and given our place as the only global British golf manufacturer, it is only right and fitting that we support those who support us in the UK.

“As a business, Covid-19 has obviously had a devastating effect on golf, and we are working with literally a skeleton staff, but it doesn’t mean we have to lose our hearts because we’ve temporarily lost our muscle. Steve (Elford, co-owner) and I have been watching the news constantly, and the one running theme of all of this is those who put others first. So we thought we could and should put them first in our lives too.”

“It absolutely feels like the right thing to do.”

A lovely touch from Steph and the team at Lynx, I’m sure you’ll agree.

For more information, head over to the Lynx Golf website

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