Looking to update your winter wardrobe? Steve Carroll has put the Lyle & Scott Golf Contour Polo shirt to the test

Lyle & Scott’s Golf Contour Polo Shirt is designed to be a quality polo shirt bringing a “subtle touch of style”.

Lyle & Scott Golf Contour Polo Shirt review: NCG Summary

Lyle & Scott Golf Contour Polo shirt review
Lyle & Scott Golf Contour Polo shirt review

Get over the bright colour, or buy the azure/dark navy version, and what you’ve got is a classy, very well made, polo shirt, that fits exceptionally and provides ultimate comfort out on the course.


  • Excellent fit and breathability.
  • Quality cotton material feels like it will be long-lasting.
  • Bold pattern will appeal to those looking for something a little different.


  • Amber version may be a bit strong on the eye for some tastes.

Lyle & Scott Golf Contour Polo Shirt review: First impressions

There was a time where you couldn’t get me into any polo that wasn’t plain blue, black, or grey. My palette was basically funereal. The duller the better. As I’ve got older, I’ve become somewhat more adventurous. Which is a good thing because, a decade ago, I would have started running on opening the packaging for the Lyle & Scott Golf Contour Polo Shirt and I’d still be going.

You’ll need to enjoy standing out in the amber/hickory version of their striking polo – because you’re probably going to be visible from space.

I had to laugh when I read the marketing blurb which talked about how the contrast placket (I’ve looked this up on Google and I’m still none the wiser) brought a “subtle touch of style” to this garment.

So let’s be clear. There is nothing subtle about this polo shirt. It’s as loud and wild as you can get. The amber is bright, the golf course print – hence the ‘contour’ – expressive and radiant. It won’t be for all. But if it’s your bag, then there’s a lot to admire here.

It slips on like silk, and the 100% cotton fabric means it doesn’t hold against your skin or wick moisture in quite the way some technical materials can. I’m not a massive fan of that kind of fabric – for obvious reasons. The material, and general build, is substantial enough that it feels like you’re going to get a lot of wear out of this – a not insignificant observation if you’re shelling out £60.

I’m a pretty standard medium but that can often bring an array of fittings. Some shirts hang on me like a dress they are so wide at the midriff.

The Lyle & Scott Golf Contour Polo Shirt fits very well around the shoulders and the stomach.

Lyle & Scott Golf Contour Polo shirt review

Lyle & Scott Golf Contour Polo Shirt review: On the course

The fitting really is excellent. Have I said that already? It needs repeating because that’s where this product massively shines. It performs admirably out in the middle. Too tight and your swing is restricted. Too baggy and there’s fabric flying everywhere as you’re accelerating through to make contact with the ball.

The Lyle & Scott Golf Contour Polo Shirt has none of these problems. It hugs the shoulders, but doesn’t constrict. It is flexible enough around the stomach, without you feeling like you’re wearing a bed sheet.

In short, it’s basically perfect for playing golf in.

Lyle & Scott Golf Contour Polo Shirt review

Lyle & Scott Golf Contour Polo Shirt review: The 19th hole

I’ve got to be honest, the amber colour is a bit strong for me. But this shirt also comes in an azure/dark navy model which is much more up my street. The pattern, which I do like, isn’t drowned out by the colour there and I can definitely see that version appearing in my wardrobe.

That’s because there’s an awful lot to like about this polo shirt. Even though it’s cotton, it’s very lightweight. The material feels great, the fabric is breathable, the fitting is excellent, and it’s something very different from the run of the mill. If you like a very well put together piece of clothing, and you want to stand out on the course, this could be for you.

Lyle & Scott Golf Contour Polo shirt review

Fit: True to Size/Small/Large
Comfort: 8/10
Value for Money: 7/10
Sizes: XS through XXL
Colour options: Amber/Hickory Brown, Azure/Dark Navy, Warm Dust/Blush Grey

Lyle & Scott Golf Contour Polo Shirt review: The Details

Available: Now
RRP: £60
More info: Lyle & Scott website.
Buy now: Scottsdale Golf website.

Steve Carroll

A journalist for 23 years, Steve has been immersed in club golf for almost as long. A former captain and committee member, he has passed the Level 3 Rules of Golf exam with distinction having attended the national Tournament Administrators and Referee's Seminar. He has officiated at a host of high-profile tournaments, including Open Regional Qualifying and the PGA Fourball Championship. A member of NCG's Top 100s panel, Steve has a particular love of links golf and is frantically trying to restore his single-figure handicap.

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