Luke Donald’s impressive victory at the Transitions Championship earlier this month will be remembered for two reasons.

Firstly because it sent the gutsy Englishman back to the top of the World Rankings, and secondly because it marked the first win for TaylorMade’s new RocketBallz driver.

Donald is a Mizuno staffer and is contracted to use their irons and wedges, but is free to use what he likes in other departments.

Mizuno are trying to get the 34-year-old to use their new MP-650 driver but are finding it difficult due to his unusual preferences.

“He’s kind of a tricky animal in terms of a tour player,” said Chris Voshall, of Mizuno’s R&D team.

“I say that because he’s a player who likes to see the ball go right to left with the driver. A lot of better players are the opposite of that – the last thing they want to see is the ball going left.

“We’ve struggled a little with him because it [the MP-650] has a slight fade built into it. 
We’re trying to work with him to find one that will hook a little bit more so he can get a bit more distance out of it.”

I don’t remember seeing a Mizuno MP wood that doesn’t have either fade bias or an open face, so it’s not surprising they’ve struggled to get one in Donald’s bag. It will be interesting to see if they succeed.