Lamkin grips has expanded of its collection with the introduction of the new Wrap-Tech and UTx Wrap models, both designed as a comfortable high-performance alternative to traditional wrap-style grips.  

They have also introduced a Technique putter grip which can help golfers use a variety of putting grip styles.

Lamkin’s ACE 3GEN material that is used in the Wrap-Tech provides a tacky and shock absorbing feel while the added traction in the dual pattern provides enhanced control and slip-resistance. 

The UTx wrap utilises the same Tri-Layer technology that featured in the UTx grip launched last year. 

This optimizes grip feel while also providing all-weather playability. 

The layers include a foundation made of soft, super tacky ACE material for enhanced comfort, a middle layer of moisture-wicking fabric weave for traction and control in wet weather and a firm outer cover for control and grip stability. 

Available in standard or midsize options, the grips are offered in royal blue or black.

NCG caught up with Bob Lamkin at the PGA Show to get more details about the 2015 grip range

The brand is celebrating its 90 anniversary this year, what does that mean to you?

When we talk about 90 years of golf grips you can only imagine the changes that have gone on in the grip industry and the way grips are made. I think 90 years in this business really means something and it’s a real test of the longevity of the brand hand how the product has transcended though the years. To go from where started in 1925 with my grandfather making leather grips in his garage to where we are today makes us very proud of what we’ve achieved. We are also proud of all the generations of staff and family members that have made all this possible.

What can golfers expect from Lamkin grips in 2015?

In recent years’ we’ve really focussed on the materials side of grips. What we are really trying to accomplish is not just a cosmetic – a visual cosmetic that players like to have on their golf clubs. We want to create a visual cosmetic but with marry that with functional materials. The ACE materials in our grips are a long-term development and are very functional. The materials perform in cross-weather conditions. If you are playing in a rain storm in the UK or if you’re playing in Scottsdale in the middle of the summer, the grips are going to perform equally well.

Tell us more about the Wrap Tech and UTx Wrap grips

These are two of our new grips for 2015. What we’ve used ACE material and really worked on our surface patterns. We’ve changed the logo in the last year so you’re going to see the new logo with surface patterns that also have smooth sections along the grip which allow you to have a tension free but secure grip on the golf club. With the Wrap Tec and with the Utx Wrap what we are trying to do is eliminate tension in the golf swing from the elbows down. So when it comes to materials we are really focussing on letting the golfer have a very light but secure grip and also increasing the longevity of the grip. The ACE materials will last longer than a lot of the natural rubber materials that have been on the market in the past.

The Technique putter grip certainly catches the eye, what’s the theory behind it?

What you are going to see from Lamkin in 2015 and into 2016 is a concerted effort in the putter grip development. With the change in the rules in terms of anchoring coming in next year, the players are looking for alternatives. The Technique putter allows players to adopt different styles of putting from a conventional putting grip to a cross-handed to a claw putting grip – or anything in-between. The surface pattern on the Technique putter allows you to set your hands in a way that’s consistent each time and also incorporates the oversized aspect of the grip. We’ll be offering nine different models of shapes, sizes and lengths to allow the player to pick and choose what they are most comfortable with. 

You work closely with Tour players like Brandt Snedeker and Miguel Angel Jimenez. How important is their feedback?

The nicest thing about working with the tour players is, the fact they do this for a living and can give you very honest feedback on how the grip performs and they can do that within minutes of putting it on a golf club. So we take that information back and that’s part of our development cycle. It doesn’t happen over-night sometimes it takes a year, a year and half to properly develop a grip that we feel we can go to market with.

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