Lady Golfer Equipment: Wilson Staff D-100 Irons

Golf Equipment

Madeleine Winnett and two readers run the rule over the latest gear


SRP: £359 (5–SW)

Handicap: 4

They aren’t my favourite colour, but the styling still looks very good. The thick top line and undercut cavity do make them look distinctly like game-improver irons, but that is their job! I think they will improve your game because I found them to be extremely forgiving – especially on off-centre shots. They are light and flexible and they feel effortless tohit, offering consistent shots at a great height. I love the squidgy grip!


Handicap: 13

The clubs are attractively coloured in green and white and the clubhead is weighted perfectly, so, for those with a slow swing, the balance of the club is ideal. The shaft is longer by design and the grip for me is the best I’ve used. Personally, I didn’t gain much length but in using the 8-iron to chip and allowing the club to do the work it is definitely superior.


Handicap: 35

I tested the clubs on a day that was wet and heavy. My handicap is high so consistency is not my strong point. The clubs were pleasing to the eye, grip was comfortable too. I compared them to my own clubs and found that the distance was equal, height attained not so good but on occasion when the contact was spot on they felt very comfortable. The shaft was fairly rigid but all in all satisfactory.

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