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TV presenter and Lynx ambassador Di Dougherty chats to former England rugby player Will Greenwood - who also happens to be her cousin!

How long have you been playing golf and who introduced you to the game?

I started playing golf when I was 10 as my parents are keen golfers. Mum and Dad first took me out on to the fairways. The whole family is obsessed with the game! I grew up in Lancashire and played Stonyhurst Golf Course a lot in my youth. My mum taught at the prep school there and she’d often take us out for 9 holes. Golf continued for me throughout my time at Sedbergh and Durham University.

What is your handicap?

My handicap is 12 and my game is particularly average at the moment. I’ve changed my grip, which is hurting my control. I used to have a snap hook, now I have a power slice! Mentally I’m in all sorts of trouble as I often have no idea where my driver is going!

Where do you play?


You’ve just returned from commentating on the Lions tour Down Under, did you manage to play golf?

I had the privilege of playing Royal Melbourne when I was in Australia with friends. What an awesome test of golf and great to see Ernie Els’ name on the board in the clubhouse with a round of 60!

Which of the presenters at Sky Sports have you played with and who do you think is the best golfer?

Well, Di, you are pretty handy around the greens and we have played in a few mixed foursomes together.

What about those family holidays we’ve enjoyed in North Wales?

Yes, we’ve played golf in North Wales quite a bit, haven’t we? Our families have holiday houses next door to each other and they both back on to a golf course so every family get together involves golf competitions.
Even if it’s just nine holes on a Tuesday night with a mate, we always play for something! What are your strengths?

I am a fighter on the course I would say! Never give in, scrap for every point and go for every pin.

Do you prefer inland or seaside courses and which is your favourite course?

I prefer seaside courses and one of my favourites is Hunstanton, Norfolk. My wife and I got married round the corner from there.

As my cousin I know you follow the golf closely! Who is your favourite player?

Rocco Mediate is actually one of my favourites! After watching him in the US Open in 2008 we decided to call our youngest son Rocco. What a great name! But also what a great, fun, charismatic guy Mediate is.

Who is the most well dressed golfer in your opinion?

I think Adam Scott always looks like a class act. Sharp clothing that suits him down to the ground. I think the girls also appreciate the way he dresses!

Why do you like golf?

For me, golf is about having a great time with friends and family and reconnecting with those I’ve not seen in a while. Also I love the competitiveness, even if it’s just nine holes on a Tuesday night with a mate, we always play for something!

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