Effortlessly cool, built for performance and so easy to swing in you barely notice you're wearing it – our Kjus Dexter jacket review tells you all you need to know about this luxury waterproof

Our Kjus Dexter jacket review took place over several rounds on various courses in the British Isles.

Kjus Dexter jacket review: The background

Kjus’s heritage is in skiing – the company’s first golf collection dates back to 2000. Lasse Kjus is an Olympic ski champion from Norway, while Didi Serena is a Swiss entrepreneur.

The pair felt that the principles of professional golf apparel – freedom of movement and comfort – were lacking and knew what was possible through the skiwear that had been developed with those same ideals in mind.

Kjus say: “Now we craft not only the most technologically advanced skiwear on the market, but also intelligent golf garments and premium collections for active people on the move. Simply the world’s finest sportswear brand.”

You might also be wondering how ‘Kjus’ is pronounced.

The answer is something like “shh-juice”. So now you know.

Kjus Dexter jacket review

Kjus Dexter jacket review: The technology

This jacket is unashamedly super-premium – very much in the market that Galvin Green currently dominate, and have done for several years now.

Kjus claim this is the lightest waterproof golf jacket on the market. It can even be folded down into its own pocket:

Thanks to the highly breathable, two-way stretch fabric, Kjus promise that the Dextra 2.5 will guarantee comfort and total freedom of movement.

Kjus Dexter jacket review: NCG verdict

Like other premium waterproofs, the design focus is to trip down on features to achieve the ultimate playing garment.

Think of it as a Formula 1 car rather than a luxury saloon.

So if you are looking for a top that has lots of pockets, for example, or a down collar, then this is not the one for you.

Nor if you like your apparel to stand out from the crowd with bright colours, contrasts and patterns.

If, on the other hand, you are looking for a waterproof top you can play golf in with a minimum of restriction, then you simply have to take a close look.

The jacket can easily be packed away so it’s dead easy to store in a pocket ready for when you need it.

Versus the competition, one thing that is strongly in Kjus’s favour is the lack of noise. It’s something that can be a niggle with Gore-Tex products.

I know some golfers who don’t notice a bit of noise. There are others that really can’t get past that crinkling sound. If you are in the latter category then you should certainly consider this Kjus Dexter jacket review carefully.

Kjus Dexter jacket review: The Details

SRP: £229

Available: Now

For more information visit the Kjus website.

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