Quick tip: What the inflexible can learn from Ken Duke

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What the less supple can learn from this 44-year-old PGA Tour winner

A quiet rotation

Ken has nowhere near as great an angle of separation between his shoulders and hips at impact as other players. His shoulders are square to target and his hips just 45˚ open (many players have closer to a 90˚). But he’s accurate
– because he maintains the consistency of the clubface angle through the hitting area. There is no hinging of his left wrist, merely a quiet rotation of the forearms which allows the clubface to remain square to fractionally closing.

Swing the club

Duke suffered scoliosis as a child, which demanded a rod be inserted down his spine. He works with legendary 86-year-old coach Bob Toski and he taught Duke to swing the club and not lash at it. Duke is one of a few winners to be using graphite-shafted irons which help generate good clubhead speed. As an older player Duke certainly does not have the flexibility to turn through the shot as easily as younger players.

  • Analysis by Gary Alliss, pro at Ladbrook Park. The ‘King of the Swing’ has twice captained the PGA Cup side. w: ladbrookparkgolf.co.uk
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