Ken Brown tips

The prime objective of the address is to provide a comfortable, stable base, one that minimises core body movement.

Setting up to the ball in the correct position is vital and relatively easy to do once you know how. Here are Ken’s tips to ensure you are getting the basics right.

Our shoulder line should ideally be parallel to the line you want to start the ball on, as this will affect the swing path of the putter.

• The insides of your upper arms should cosy into the sides of your chest; this bonds the arms to your core for stability and is a key factor in controlling your putter’s swing path.

Ken Brown tips

• Your forearms need to hang comfortably, with your hands slightly ahead of the clubface.

• The width and position of your feet are personal choices. Whatever feels comfortable, balanced, stable and free of tension is the correct one for you. This is the only part of my address that I would occasionally vary.

• The weight distribution between your feet should be a little in favour of the front foot.

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