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New shafts introduced to wedge line up

The new 610 Wedge and Hi-Rev 2.0 are an part of a unique line up of wedge-specific shafts from the brand that has been adopted by several Major winners and every leading club manufacturer since its inception seven years ago.

The 610 WEDGE shaft delivers a lower, more penetrating ball flight with controlled spin that enables skilled players to produce eye-catching knock-downs and other workable shots into and around the green. 

The firm tip section of the shaft (.355) reduces spin and delivers greater control and the wider butt from which the shaft derives its name (.610) ensures even more feel as well as shot-making. There are three flexes between 110g and 125g (R, S & S+) and a length of 37 inches.

The Hi-Rev 2.0 features an active tip section (.355) that increases the effective loft of the club head, delivering a higher ball launch with more spin for added stopping power and accuracy. 

It has a butt diameter of .600 and three flexes between 115g and 135g (R, S & X). Both shafts are available at select KBS dealers from this month.

SRP: £30

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