Jordan Spieth swing sequence

Jordan Spieth has become one of the biggest names in golf. At 23 he has already three Major championships and has a FedEx cup title to his name and is clearly a natural talent.

However, Spieth’s swing isn’t as ‘natural’ as you would think. His unorthodox style is down to his grip. He has an extended left index finger in what is a very deep interlock. He also has an incredibly short right hand and long left thumb.

The swing is mainly down to his body movement. The rotation of his hips and compression in the quads creates the power and coil. The arms flow throughout the swing and go for the ride as his body does the action.

Here is a breakdown of the Texan’s swing…

Quiet Hands

Jordan Spieth

Great width in the back swing allows the swing to be a body-controlled motion in which the bigger muscles of the torso are engaged and help wind up on the back swing.

Look at the way he rotates his back fully on the target to achieve this fully coiled back swing.

It is the recoil of the hips that is noticeable in the transition while the upper body remains wound up.

Compression in the quads

Spieth swing

This is the most important aspects to Spieth’s swing and where the power is created. Just look how he compresses his quads as he settles into the delivery position. You can almost feel the pressure he is exerting into the ground through is feet.

Spieth is incredibly athletic on the down swing. The body is released towards the target as the arms are pulled through. The spring-like effect sees the legs want to straighten and the belt starts to rise into the follow-through.

The swing is a bio-mechanically proven body action that maximises the speed of release.