Six players, one simple question for our Fourball team. Do you agree?

Right, let’s have some fun. Of the so-called Big 6 in the game right now – that’s Dustin Johnson, Rory McIlroy, Brooks Koepka, Justin Thomas, Bryson DeChambeau and Jon Rahm – who will finish their career with the most major wins?

And in case you’re not keeping tabs, it’s currently DJ on two, Rory and Koepka on four, JT and Bryson have one each, and Rahm is yet to get off the mark. But it’s only a matter of time, right?

Alex Perry: As Dan noted in his piece about DJ after his Masters win, only a third of major champions have won more than one – so the pressure is immediately on JT and BDC. They’ll both do it though. Thomas has already won the 2021 Masters and you won’t convince me otherwise, and there’s no way DeChambeau doesn’t formulate a plan to win there.

Rahm looks like he should win every time he tees up, but his temperament is still a concern, and now DJ’s got the one he so desperately wanted the pressure is off and he’ll bag at least a couple more.

As for our current leaders, imagine if all majors over the last five years began after the first round, McIlroy would have overtaken Jack Nicklaus by now. So I’m going with Koepka. Even with a gammy knee he’s challenging. I reckon he flirts with double digits. There I said it.

Most major wins: Brooks Koepka

Steve Carroll: I want to say DJ but fear there’s a heavy dose of recency bias. I mean there’s questions to be asked of all the others. Rory hasn’t won one for more than six years and keeps wrecking his chances straight out of the gate. Koepka’s run had to end and will his body hold up?

Bryson seems a perfect fit for a PGA or two but might explode if he inflates any further, and Rahm still gives me the impression he’ll just blow up if a pivotal shot doesn’t go his way.

I can’t believe Rory won’t add to his resume in the next decade and he’s got a head start on everyone but Brooks. Majors are still hard to win so, reluctantly, McIlroy is the one. 

Most major wins: Rory McIlroy

Hannah Holden: There’s only one man for me. I love the meticulous way Bryson scientifically plots himself around the golf course and picks apart every bit of his game.

I just don’t see how won’t keep improving over the next few months and even years – especially given the massive leap in performance we’ve seen this season alone. (He had his Z game at Augusta and still managed to break par for the tournament.)

I can’t think of another player more driven to keep improving and winning so he’s my pick.

Most major wins: Bryson DeChambeau

Dan Murphy: Isn’t it funny how once you stop winning majors you can’t pick the habit up again?

I’m going to say that Rory ends up with the most of the six, simply because he has four banked away already. And I still think he’ll add to that tally.

If you go all the way back to the Second World War, there are only nine male golfers who have won more than five majors so I think that tells you how hard it is to win more than a couple.

Most major wins: Rory McIlroy

So that’s two votes for McIlroy, one for Koepka and one for DeChambeau. Do you agree? Let us know in the comments below, or tweet us.

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