Ever seen an 80-year-old hit driver 400-yards? Then this video is for you…

We can’t lie to you any longer. It is, of course, two-time World Long Drive champion James Sadlowski in disguise.

Recently Sadlowski participated in something out of the ordinary, when sponsor Cleveland turned him into Grandpa Jamie – and it caused quite a stir.

Golf Digest caught up with Sadlowski during his escapade, and he told them that “he didn’t say much about the idea” but “thought it would be fun”.

Sadlowski, whose real age is 29, won back-to-back World Long Drive Championships in 2008 and 2009, but now the Canadian bomber is trying to make a living in the game’s professional ranks. He currently plays on the MacKenzie Tour.

It could be argued that the shift from hitting it miles for a living to plotting your way round a guarded course would be a non-starter.

Not for Sadlowski.

After successfully negotiating Q-School to stay on tour in Canada, he is setting his sights on the PGA Tour.

“Last year was my first full year playing the Mackenzie Tour and I learned a lot about my game,” he added.

“After missing my card by a few hundred bucks and finished tied for 9th, we’re good to go for another year in Canada and hopefully get one of those five cards for the PGA Tour.”