Dan Frost: Putting with the lock in grip

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Alternative therapy for anyone who's a victim of the recent change in rules- A 'lock-in' grip that's perfectly legal!

Embracing Change

Before you set about changing your putting stroke, it is important to understand how change occurs when we are actively engaged in changing habit or technique.

Why is this important?

Well, to make it a lasting change you have to create a new pathway and then condition and strengthen it. You have to do this so the new pathway becomes stronger than the old one.

Golf is played between the ears and any change that is made has to start within the brain.

If you want to enjoy real success when changing techniques you need to associate the technique with a good feeling. Simply smiling while putting with the new technique will have a positive impact.

Have you ever looked at players practising their putting stroke and wondered why they have an iPod on their belt with their earphones in?

Well the reason for this is that playing music is another technique that can be used to create a positive feeling while practising a new technique.

A new technique to help improve your anchor putting

Dan Frost new technique

To help feel like you are activating your shoulders try opening up your left hand so the thumb and the palm have no contact with the handle.

This will help improve the fluidity of your putting stroke. It does this by encouraging your shoulders to govern the tempo of the stroke.

This technique is great for relaxing grip pressure, to the point that you may even try this technique on the course.

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