Dan Frost is a leading golf coach and gives golfers of all ability the chance to improve their games by offering free, first golf lesson to all golfers.

Frost uses innovative coaching and video analyses to help break down golfers problems. As well as this, he has his own Youtube channel featuring hundreds of golf instruction and tip videos.

Here he shows a new putting technique which can help improve golfers scores and how to avoid the anchored putter scandal.

The Arm Lock  – Adopting a grip that keeps hands and arms quiet

Arm locking is a method very similar to the style of putting used by PGA Tour player Matt Kuchar. The concept involves using slightly longer-than-standard shafted putter with a fractionally increased loft.

The key to this technique is that as you complete the grip by using your right hand to apply the pressure. Doing this forces the butt-end of the grip touches and maintains contact with your left forearm.

Constantly connecting with the forearm will encourage the hands to remain passive to the extent that they become passengers. You control the stroke by smoothly rocking the shoulders back and through, while keeping the head still.

The Technique

Dan Frost putting

Slightly turn your left hand and run the grip high through the palm of left hand. Then wrap your fingers, holding the lock in nicely.

Dan Frost putting

Apply your right hand parallel to the grip and place your right thumb on centre at the top of the shaft. Then grip slightly push the butt-end of the grip against the inner part of your forearm to create a gentle pressure on the grip