Is this the bleakest game of golf ever?

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Lighthouse keeper battles storms on Shetland Isle course

A lighthouse keeper has published a video of him playing the most remote and extreme golf course in the UK.

Tommy Hyndman is lighthouse keeper at Fair Isle on the Shetlands and the astonishing footage shows him playing a round of golf while being blasted by 72mph winds and spray from the sea.

Hyndman shouts: “Extreme golf, Fair Isle-style, hurricane conditions”, before attempting to tee off into the storm.
‘Extreme golf, Fair Isle-style’ Speaking in the video, he adds: “I’m not a very good golfer, but this is what you do if you want to be a little legend in the world of golf.

“It took nine or 10 shots to get one close to the green. The wind was so strong it would blow my shoulders back when I swung at the ball, missing completely.”

Hyndman is originally from Saratoga Springs, New York, and has an artist studio and gallery at the island’s lighthouse.

He also reinstated the Fair Isle Lighthouse Keeper’s golf course, for the use of the island’s 70 residents and any visitors who wish to play.

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