…weight loss

I lost a lot of weight after I started with my trainer. I changed my diet three years ago and my clothes are a lot tighter now. A lot more like the European cut that you guys wear. 

The last few years they were American cut and you know they are different! The weight loss has not made me a better golfer it’s just made me healthier. 

I did it to become healthy, not for golf, though it does give me more energy on the course – especially on long days and delays. It definitely helps me in the long run.

…Ryder Cup crowds

The crowd was a big factor, I agree with Jim (Furyk). The home advantage always helps as the crowd pulls for their people. Not in a disrespectful way, Jim will tell you the same thing, they were just cheering for their people and it’s always better to have home-field advantage than being overseas.

…Ryder Cup nerves

I wasn’t surprised to go out on the first morning. I’m always ready to go. Any athlete that wants to play their sport they’re ready to go and I think I’m good enough to play so I got my opportunity and he put me out. It was real fun on the 1st tee. They always have the chants for the Euros and some of them were so funny.

…being left-handed

I’m left-handed in everything but it wasn’t difficult as a kid. I got very lucky because the head pro at my course was left-handed. He had an old 9-iron that my dad cut down for me. He also gave me my first putter, then my parents bought me my first clubs.
To stop slow play I’d say give out penalties – you give them a shot penalty. That would hurt them much more than money. …Slow play prevention
If they asked me I’d say penalties – you give them a shot penalty. That would hurt them much more. FedEx Cup points, their position that week, the player of the year status, stroke average, it hurts them a lot more than fines. They have a lot of money now so that’s not going to hurt them. Penalties would.

…Twitter and YouTube
You know, I am doing it to let fans see me in a different light. It’s so fun to do. They see us at the golf courses inside the ropes focused.
You’re told to focus and concentrate and just be polite so it allows them to see how goofy I am and also I can respond to them and say thanks, tell them how much I appreciate them.
When they write to me I write back. It’s another way for us to reach fans, it’s very hard to talk to them on the course.

I love cars, I love how they’re made and how they’re engineered. I like the sleek models and how the sports cars look and how people come up with stuff like that.

…other sports
Baseball and basketball as a kid. I wasn’t great at basketball but pretty good at baseball so my dad told me to choose which sport when I was at college 
and I went for golf.

All about Bubba

DOB: November 5, 1978
Born: Bagdad, Florida
Lives: Arizona & North Carolina
Tour wins: 3
Best Major finish: 2nd (2010 PGA Championship)
World ranking: 16th

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