First impressions: The versatile Ping i25 irons have lasted a bit longer than most as we are used to seeing two sets of irons on each new launch.

But we’ve just had the G30 irons from Ping this time around which I guess is a testament to the quality and longevity of the i25.

They are an iron that will suit the better player without intimidating the mid-higher handicapper either.

It’s typical no-nonsense, substance over style design that we come to expect from Ping.

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What they say: The i25 irons are engineered for a variety of skill levels with technology that provides versatility and forgiveness. 

In the progressive set design, each 17-4 stainless steel head has a specific function with regard to the centre of gravity, the bounce, and the offset. 

The result is highly-forgiving long irons and controlled short irons, which will bring confidence to your shot-making. The foggy chrome finish and clean cavity design create visual appeal.

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NCG verdict: Not everyone realises that Ping make some stylish irons these days. 

The i25s are by no means sleek but they are well proportioned and look great behind the ball. 

What I like most about them is they manage to be forgiving without being jumpy – you don’t get the occasional shot leaping off the face. 

I think they have done a very good job with the short irons, which complete a smooth transition from the other end of the set.

HOT: Winning blend of playability and appealing looks 
NOT: Some will prefer a thinner top line and shinier finish 


SRP: £90 per club steel, £110 graphite
7-Iron loft: 33 degrees
Stock shaft: Ping CFS/Ping TFC 189

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