Introducing the tee that gains you yards!

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Swivel Tee say their products gives greater distance and more accuracy

The revolutionary Swivel-Tee has been designed to ‘give’ when you drive off the tee, adding yards and accuracy to your game.

The modified polymer tee has two sections, designed to bend or ‘swivel’ on impact.

The result is that the tee stays in the ground, or in the cases of heavy contact, only flies a few feet. 

Swivel-Tee claim that this limited resistance between the driver and the tee is responsible for extra yards and accuracy for your drives, while tees become harder to lose.

The tee has been approved by the R&A and testing in 2012 has yielded excellent results, including tees that last well over 100 holes. 

Unlike traditional wooden and plastic tees, if the two components were to snap on a swivel-tee, they can also be repaired.


RRP £2 per four tees

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