Proficiency in golf is split into two categories: technical and mental. Conventional wisdom dictates they are separate entities. I disagree. 

It is my belief that the one profoundly influences the other. 

It is my belief that golf is an inseparable combination of these two things and mastering this combination of the technical and the mental is golf’s Holy Grail.

The key to this mastery is the Golfer’s Sixth Sense.

When I transitioned from professional tournament golf to coaching, I noticed a lacking in the golf coaching community. I saw obvious facets ruin the games of golfers and made them search endlessly after solutions that don’t exist. Their problems sometimes manifested as technical, sometimes as mental, but the origin of their misery was neither– it was always a combination and I wanted to help golfers understand this.

I wrote the Golfer´s Sixth Sense to help you:

  1. Understand what it is;
  2. How it works; and
  3. Help you master your sixth sense in practice and on the golf course so that you can play better golf and enjoy your game more.

The Golfer’s Sixth Sense is easily digestible and groundbreaking golf literature. The book combines research into human learning and performance with real life events.

What is the Golfer’s Sixth Sense?

It’s been said that golf is 90% mental. I would say that’s a widely overestimated number and what do we really mean when we talk about the mental game of golf?

Most golfers know that your mental state can influence your golf swing, but few seem to notice how your swing technique affects your mental state. A slicer will not feel the same as a drawer when there is OB right.

Furthermore, poor short game mechanics will make you miss so often that you eventually will dread the tiny shots around the green. Now, fear is a mental problem, right?

Traditional golf literature separates the mental and the technical game. This is a disservice to golfers as the two are inseparable. The affect each other in an intertwined network called the human body.

The Golfer’s Sixth Sense sheds light on the many times blurry concept of mental training. In an easy way, the book helps you understand how your mental game is closely connected to your physical and how your practice habits can make or break you mentally.

When you use your sixth sense correctly, it will help you play the golf of your dreams. If you don’t, it can lead to golfing nightmares.

About Markus Westerberg

Markus spent over 15 years on tour across the world, earning eight victories.

Today he works as a full time golf coach at the prestigious Ljunghusen Golf Club as well as being author and a speaker.

Apart from golf he also has a passion for people and the human mind which brought him to Lund University where he earned a BA of Science in Psychology.

Markus describes how the meeting with his golf students is more than just a golf lesson, “it is a true meeting with a person”.

You can purchase his book, The Golfer’s Sixth Sense, in hardback or on Amazon Kindle by clicking the links below.

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Markus Westerberg

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