Where do you play?

I am not a member of any particular course, but I’m lucky enough to play on lots of different courses due to golf days and my friends being members of different ones. I go to the driving range at Dukes Meadow in Chiswick, and if I haven’t got long, I play on the par 3 course, which is great for your short game.
The course I probably know the best is Stoke Park, as I played 100 holes there on a charity day this year. We teed off at 4.30am and finished at 9pm – that was a lot of golf on one day!

What is the toughest thing about the sport?

That it can be frustrating. One day you may have an amazing round, and next time you play you seem to be hacking around the course, and nothing seems to be going right for you!

What are the strengths to your game?

I would say driving. In contrast, I do find it difficult to read the greens – but I’m learning.

Do you prefer inland or seaside courses and which is your favourite course?

I think I would say seaside – as long as it’s not a really windy day. I have been lucky enough to play Port Royal in Bermuda and the Green Monkey in Barbados, both stunning courses with absolutely magnificent views.

What was your best round of golf to date?

I played at Langland Bay recently – another course I would recommend – and it was one of those days when everything was going right! Days like that are rare but you certainly enjoy them.

How is your golf at the moment and what is your handicap?

It’s 20 although my fiancé thinks that’s my ‘bandit’ handicap!
I think it’s always good to make a bit of an effort on the golf course and develop your own style. It’s a difficult one as now there’s so much choice.

Who is your favourite player?

Well, I like Adam Scott, but I’ll say Justin Rose, as we use the same TaylorMade clubs, I’ve played golf with him before and he’s such lovely guy, as is his family. I was so pleased for them when he won the US Open. It was a long time coming and amazing that it had been 43 years since the last Englishman to win.

Do you ever get nervous playing golf?

I get nervous on the 1st tee of a golf day with everyone watching! But once you have hit that 1st tee shot, as long as it’s ok I relax a bit.

Why is golf such a great game?

Because you can play with all ages and abilities – it’s a sociable game and gets you out in the fresh air.

Who is the most well-dressed golfer in your opinion?

I think it’s always good to make a bit of an effort on the golf course and develop your own style. It’s a difficult one as now there’s so much choice. Most people look good and there are some that have fun with it too – like John Daly’s trousers!

Finally will Europe win the next Ryder Cup at Gleneagles?

I think so. Although the US did well recently in the Presidents Cup with some new pairings and rookies I am backing Europe. After that amazing comeback in America I think that Europe will continue with that fighting spirit and I have confidence in the captain Paul McGinley. He’s a great people person and does seem as if he has an uncannily ability to win as part of a team.

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