What’s it like being a woman who is in charge of Nike Golf?

I have been in the golf business in various capacities for a number of years and I’ve always believed that opportunities happen because you perform.

I happen to work for a phenomenal company that happens to think that way and creates opportunities for lots of people. And it’s been fun.

I’d be lying if I didn’t say there was always an intrigue because I’m asked that question a lot, but in the end I think they want to work with someone they can do great business with, or an athlete wants to work with someone who makes great product, so the currency of what it takes to be successful supersedes all that other stuff.

How has Rory McIlroy’s first year with Nike gone from your perspective?

Rory has been an absolutely exciting addition to Nike Golf. You’re going to see some interesting things ahead with us partnering with Rory.
I think Rory McIlroy is going to have a phenomenal year – Cindy Davis What’s most fun about him is that he loves the brand. It’s really been fun for our team to work with him. He’s been a natural fit as a Nike athlete.

I think athletes go through times of growth and that’s what Rory has been doing. I think Rory McIlroy is going to have a phenomenal year.

It was a great year for Suzann Pettersen, wasn’t it?

Suzann is one of the most driven athletes and the purest ones and we’ve loved having her as part of the Nike family.

She has that burning desire to win and to win Majors.

She’s heavily involved in product so she’s been a great Nike athlete and there’s a lot of success ahead for her.

Cindy has been president of Nike Golf since 2008. From Maryland, the 51-year-old is arguably the most powerful woman in golf. She was previously the Golf Channel’s senior vice president.